Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) vs. MDM

Mobile technology is a staple of today’s society. Nowadays, we use an abundance of wireless platforms on a daily basis. From cell phones to tablets, laptops, and beyond, businesses need a surplus of mobile technology to drive their company in the right direction. As more business is performed on the go, it’s important for organizations to utilize a mobile management service that provides additional security features and network accessibility.


Today, mobile technology is much more than just a wireless asset. It’s an essential component of a telecom operating system. As a leading telecom audit company, we realize that budgeting for mobile resources is critical. When it comes to telecom expense management, it’s important to keep your mobile devices safe and secure. Here are two of the best programs that will provide the security you need:

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Enterprise mobility management is a software that gives users access to corporate data and other telecom services from your company’s mobile network. Simply put, EMM is an all-in-one solution that combines the abilities of an MDM and MAM program. This gives users a layer of data protection, app management features, and threat mitigation controls.


By taking advantage of an EMM solution, you will be able to separate personal and work data from your mobile device. For EMM vendors, there are four main goals that need to be accomplished:


  1. To provide users with visibility on what’s on their network.
  2. To secure access to all applications and pertinent data on the mobile network.
  3. To protect data from malware invasions and other types of data breaches.
  4. To mitigate security risks and provide users with greater mobility control.

Mobility Device Management (MDM)

When it comes to mobile security, it’s crucial to have an MDM plan established. Mobility device management gives administrators the ability to track, manage, and secure corporate-owned IT systems. In essence, MDM is a powerful security software that protects all wireless solutions connected to your company’s mobile network. It’s the foundational piece of mobility software that triggers the effects of an EMM solution.


If you are looking for a suite of solutions that automatically backs up your data, and registers new technology into your network, then an MDM solution is perfect for you. This is a centralized platform that is compatible with any type of mobile brand. As long as there is a strong internet connection in place, users will have the ability to securely manage an MDM product. Whether you use an iOS, Android, MacOS, or other Windows device, installing MDM will allow you to safely get the most from your mobile applications.  

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