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Employee Productivity Tracking

There is a direct correlation between productivity and phone usage. If you’re starting to see a lack of productive activity in the office, then chances are that your employees might be spending too much time with their eyes on their phones. When an employee is scrolling through their phone, they will jump from app to app to watch videos, stream music, and scroll through social media. Many of these distractions can shift the entire focus of your team members.

With Allnet, we will help you track your employees’ data use. We use tracking tools to monitor data-use activity that occurs during a billing cycle. Many distractions are linked to certain applications or websites. If a trending problem of abuse appears in your network, then we will alert you to excess data use. This will help decrease the amount of time that employees spend on the phone while at work.

Allnet is a premier source for managed mobility services. We strive to help businesses grow. Our dedicated service agents will deliver a solution that improves employee performance entirely. With our sophisticated data management system, you can count on us to sharpen time management and productivity throughout the workplace.   

Create a More Productive Environment for Your Employees

Mobile phones and internet usage are cited as two of the biggest productivity killers in a workplace. Even the most motivated employee will fall victim to these distractions. According to a report by CNBC, more than 55% of employees waste time on their personal phones while at work. The time spent scrolling through a smartphone should be used to accomplish work activities when an employee is on the clock.

It can be incredibly frustrating to watch your staff waste away hours on their phones. Business owners can turn to Allnet’s data measurement system to highlight any abuse. We’ll monitor real-time data activity to measure employee data use. If you think there is someone who is using too much data, then we will make sure that our software blocks the excessive use.

Act Now for an Optimal Tracking Tool

If you’re starting to notice a lack of production from your employees, then contact the mobile experts at Allnet. We’ll design a customized wireless plan to help solve this issue. Call us at (847) 457-9543 to get set up with the best employee productivity tracking system.

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